Ephesians Chapter Four

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Ephesians Chapter Four

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Ephesians Chapter Four
Set includes 9 CDs and printable pdf listening guides
Includes messages:
Worthy of the Calling
Spiritual Giftedness
No Longer Tossed
The Futility of Their Thinking
Made New in Mental Attitude part one
Made New in Mental Attitude part two
Giving No Place t the Devil
Corrupt Communication
Also available as individual MP3 downloads.


Ephesians Chapter Four is a nine cd set that includes "Worthy of the Calling," "Spiritual Giftedness," "No Longer Tossed," "The Futility of their Thinking," "Made New in Mental Attitude part one," "Made New in Mental Attitude part two," "Giving No Place to the Devil" and "Corrupt Communication" and "Forgiving," all of which are also available as individual cps or MP3 downloads in our online store. *Enhanced cd with study notes for your computer